Apologies for the comments

Hi there readers! Sorry about the closed comments on my blog. I really have no idea why they decided to close on their own — I leave the comments open for a reason. It’s rather odd.

At any rate, they’re open again, so hopefully that’ll continue some of the conversation!

Humble apologies,

My WordPress pet peeve

I have a pet peeve with WordPress. (Actually, I have a few, but we’ll get to the rest later.) This one, I’ll admit, is limited to those of us who develop with WordPress. In short, WordPress hard-codes domains in its database. Worse-still, some parts of WordPress (and a few plugins) save the server’s full internal filepath as part of their operations.

The average person who just installs and starts using WordPress right away won’t ever see this. It’s only when you try to move the installation to another domain name (such as if you moved your blog from “www.mysite.com” to “blog.mysite.com”), or if you move to a new service provider (and the internal file paths change) that it becomes painfully visible.

And, although I do love you WordPress, this is something that’s gotta change.

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WordPress 2.8 acting weird?

I just finished a rather arduous upgrade from WordPress 2.7.1 to WordPress 2.8 (arduous only because I had to do a massive migration to get rid of a lot of old kruft in my previous WP install).

But it’s acting really weirdly. The dashboard isn’t working properly, some of the JS functionality refuses to work in any browser (and returns an error in Firefox: “commentReply not defined” when I try to use the reply shortcut). But no 404s.

Anyone else seen weirdness?

First crack at my own theme

After years of using other people’s themes — some very good and some that left a bad taste in my mouth — I decided it’s high time to get off my arse and build my own.  

Especially after seeing Schiller’s most recent redesign, and realising that mine was way too graphical for the amount of content, and it needed to be a lot lighter. Besides, I was feeling substantially ungeeky because I didn’t actually make the template myself.  

Ah, but here’s the rub: I can’t design. I can’t even draw a stick person.  

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Holy upgrades, Batman!

I saw an interesting Tweet this morning from Mathew Ingram, a columnist for the Globe and Mail. He had just used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin to update his install to version 2.7. Being a couple versions behind the most recent release of WordPress myself, it sounded like a heck of a good thing to try out. Especially ‘cuz uploading whole new WP installs is a bit of a chore.

That, incidentally, is something to consider — I already know what the upgrade process is like. So I know what has to go into a plugin to make it work well. And does it ever work well! It creates backups, ensures that your site is in a maintenance mode before upgrading, copies files over to their correct locations, and even nags you to clean up the residual stuff afterwards. It prompts you for every step along the way — none of this totally-automatic-and-we-hope-your-site-doesn’t-break-along-the-way sort of stuff. For control freaks who are just too lazy to do their own upgrades (*cough* like me *cough*), this is pretty cool stuff.

Sadly, I also had to heavily wrestle with a Flickr Tag update that had totally exploded and refused to upgrade or activate at all. Ended up having to wipe out the files from the system as well as the Flickr Tag entries in the wp_options table. Not a particularly fun thing to do, and I can only imagine how hard it would be for someone who doesn’t know how.

Either way, I’m all up-to-date now, and it’s running really nicely. I’m looking forward to using the Automatic Updater from now on!

WordPress 2.5 + K2 RC4 = Bad News

Le sigh.

I had this problem [[WordPress 2.2.1 broke my site!|when I updated my WordPress to 2.2.1]]: WordPress and K2 stopped talking. Sort of like a bad relationship.

Given, the two products are made by entirely different groups. Sadly, K2 is a bit behind WP at the moment. In fact, K2 breaks my dashboard (I have to manually punch in the URL for writing a new post), and now it seems K2 RC4 has busted my columns, shrank the font size on my tag cloud(??), and renders completely differently in IE than in Firefox.

I might have to change themes until K2 is fixed.

A little housecleaning

Those of you reading my RSS feeds have probably noticed a wad of older articles and photo pages showing up lately. Not really a lot of new stuff. No, my blog ain’t broken — I’m just tidying up a bit.

Over the last year, I’ve found that I haven’t really set up my categories that well, and since WordPress 2.3.1 supports tags, I’m shifting some things around. So you haven’t seen the last of older articles showing up.

Also, I’m moving away from Photopress, which was powering all my images. I’m moving to Flickr. The entire wad of 4,686 pictures are there now, and I’ll be moving even more there as we move along. (I’ve even created a favourites page for pictures I’ve taken that I particularly like.)

In short, I apologise for the confusion this might cause. Hopefully, it won’t last long.