Xmas in NYC, Day 3 (aka Christmas Day)

Merry Ho Ho, everyone!  
Today, of course, is Christmas Day. We started our morning with a waltz down to breakfast in the hotel’s restaurants in our PJs. (Well, I wore clothes. I wouldn’t be allowed into most places with what I wear to bed.) Breakfast for all, with coffee for Mom and Dad. (For those of you keeping track, I’m at 12 coffees since I started.)  
Then it was back for present opening. ‘Cuz it just ain’t Christmas without presents.  
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Xmas in NYC, Day 2

My dogs are barkin’. It’s been a day on my feet. A good day, to be sure, but a lot of walking, and a lot of standing. The same was true for Alex, and it would be for Mi Pequeña Niña if she hadn’t slept for a solid hour or so while we were walking about. (Considering that was her only nap of the day, that’s not a bad thing, either.)
The way started out as a rough plan to go to the Empire State Building, and check out the view of Manhattan. But our plans here are very flexible. Aside from the fact that I’ve been to New York City twice before, we’re travelling with a napping toddler, who is apt to change our plans at a moment’s notice for any number of reasons. So I try not to go too crazy when plans are forced to change.  
(Emphasis on the word “try”.)
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Xmas in NYC, Day 1 … Part 2

Alex found Barnes and Noble without difficulty. Choosing what to buy? Now that’s difficult.  
Upon her return, Mi Pequeña Niña and I suited up for our little excursion — the “other” major toy store in Manhattan. I speak, of course, of none other than the new Apple Store.  
I jest. (Slightly.)
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Xmas in NYC, Day 1

Our first family Christmas away from Canada has ended up being colder than we expected it to be a mere couple of months ago. Back then, we were expecting to be in Costa Rica. But due to certain unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had to fly up north for Christmas.
Well, actually, the fact that we flew to New York City is itself a bit of a twist — we hadn’t planned to come here for Christmas until about a month ago. Until then, we were working on someplace a lot warmer. In the act of researching flights, I happened to throw out New York City mostly as a joke. I mean, we’ve been living in a tropical country for six months. Why on Earth would we fly five hours north to free our asses off?  
Funny, how humour sometimes becomes reality…
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New York Meetings: Heading Home

Yesterday was tough. We did a lot of talking. We didn’t leave the building until we were done. The three of us, Lark, and Jim went for dinner at some steak house. Despite having been out with the client before, I felt oddly nervous. I don’t know why. Maybe because this was nothing to do with marketing, it’s all about technology. It’s weird. And exhausting.
I ate along this morning, as Allard and Mark took their time to get downstairs. We took another car to Mercedes’ New Jersey office and prepared for another day of talking. Most of today would be my thing, namely my current baby, the CSR (Client-Side Rewrite). It’s a massive overhaul to strip out the legacy crap and put in something more solid to keep things moving.
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New York Meetings: Outbound

Leaving Alex this morning wasn’t easy. Given the events of the last couple of days, I would have preferred to stay in bed with her.
But business calls, and I’m off to New York (though Newark) for business meetings with the IT department of our Mercedes client. It’s mostly an educational exchange, as we try pass on a lot of the knowledge we have to the IT group. Exactly why we’re doing this I’m admittedly a little unclear on, but I’m sure it’s all for a good reason.
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