My favourite trains (so far)

I rarely remember my dreams. I have to wake up in the middle of them to remember what they were about, and quite often I’m so tired that by the time I can get my mental faculties together to try and remember the dream, I already forgot what it was. Which is probably good, since most of the dreams I remember make very little sense.

This morning’s dream was an exception. I was talking with someone I know (admittedly, can’t remember who it was) about trains. (Believe it or not, this is not an unknown conversation.) They asked me what my favourite train trips were, and I had said something like “whoa, that’s a tough one, let me think”. Then I started rhyming them off.

Oddly enough, that was about when I woke up … and I kept rhyming. So I figured, heck, that just sounds like a blog post!

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Touring Montreal

We woke late. Had it not been for Allen returning from the office to prepare for Sunday service, I would might have slept entirely though my only chance to actually see him in action. It wasn’t the service that interests me — it was seeing Allen doing his thing. If it hadn’t been for him returning to the apartment, causing a ruckus loud enough to wake the dead (which we almost were), we’d have slept right through everything. Thankfully, we woke with about 45 minutes to spare, forcing a hurried dressing.

Knox Crescent Kensington & First Presbyterian church sits at the opposite end of Godfrey St. from Allen’s apartment. It takes only a few minutes to walk that distance — Godfrey is only four blocks long. The neighbourhood is wonderful to walk through, with its old duplex and triplex buildings, some attached and semi-detached houses, and huge trees that have witnessed countless hundreds of seasons and countless people walking under them. Like the trees south of Montreal, these have yet to sprout their leaves (though some are trying as hard as they can).

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Earth Day in Montreal

We were a little slow waking up this morning. Might have been due to the change in time, or possibly due to the fact that we’re beginning to relax on this vacation, or because we simply didn’t get out of bed. All the crashing and banging however, conspired us out into the day.

Earth Day 2006 would not go unnoticed. Normally, I don’t really acknowledge Earth Day. The first one was a novel idea, but years later it’s just something for people to murmur about much as they would about that odd uncle who wears underwear on the outside of his pants. It’s not something that most people — myself included — take seriously.

Today would be different.

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Going through Montreal

Under normal beginning-of-vacation circumstances, I would have risen without too much a care about work and prepared for my imminent departure to wherever it is that I’m going. However, things being what they are, I had to work. From home. The joys and detriments of having laptop, a wireless internet connection, and a phone line.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too much work. In fact, the work was a CMS presentation from Interwoven. All I really had to do was watch the LiveMeeting take place, interject with a few words here and there, and answer a few last emails before logging off and going on my merry little way.

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Touring Montreal, Schwartz’s Deli

I slept not as long as the previous night, but enough to feel suitably rested. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t sleep too long — this was my last full day with Therese and Stuart, and I didn’t want to waste it.

We had originally planned to do the breakfast thing, perhaps find a nice dim sum in Chinatown, or make use of one of the French cafes. But after a bit of discussion, we realized that it wasn’t breakfast that we were particularly interested in, it was lunch. And not any ordinary lunch, we needed one of Montreal’s legendary delis.

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Shopping in downtown Montreal

I slept nearly 12 hours. I woke up sporadically, hearing the odd noise of running water and cats playing. Simply put, though, I was too damn tired to care. I hadn’t slept that well in ages.

I woke up in time for lunch, which was convenient, since both Therese and Stuart were ready for additional sustinence themselves. It was the first weekend since Thanksgiving that they didn’t have specific plans, since they didn’t have to worry about something having to happen or having to do. No plans, no predefined ideas, no nothing. And it was driving them nuts to not have specific things to do.

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