Anyone know what Terminal 4 at Heathrow is like right now?

We leave for Scotland via London Wednesday evening, on BA 102. We arrive, according to British Airways’ information, at Terminal 4. I consider this a good thing, given that Terminal 5 is a living nightmare right now.
However, that said, there is NOTHING in the news about how the other terminals are faring at Heathrow airport. Does anyone know what baggage delays — if any — exist at the other terminals? Pileups at one surely must affect the others. Any and all pointers are appreciated! 🙂

Aloha from Hawaii

Yeah, I know — why am I on a computer if I’m on vacation?
Relax, I have good reason. Our house is now effectively sold, and for whatever reason we’ve been unable to fax properly from Hawaii back to Calgary. Very odd, indeed. However, when you need to communicate with your realtor and faxes don’t work, you resort to whatever “official” form of communication they suggest. In this case, email.
Hence the computer. But given the trouble we’ve had, I’m sticking out for a few minutes to make sure it went through.
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How not to start a vacation

Oy. This vacation is not off to a good start.
One of the conditions of this vacation was that we were to incur no red-eye flights (in other words, no sleeping on the plane). That meant getting there and back was going to cause some difficulty in how we went from Calgary (a second-tier airport) to Kona (a second-to-third tier airport). Direct flight? Hah!
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Baggage Update

[This entry originally posted on How To Get Lost: Baggage update.]
The backpack is actually here. However, it’s still at Heathrow (or at least was an hour ago) going through customs.
I’m very happy I didn’t pack any foodstuffs aside from the dehydrated soup. A jar of peanut butter might set off import alarms.
The saga goes on. I need a shave. I need a clean shirt. I desperately want clean underwear.
The joys of travel!

The Tale of the Missing Backpack

[This entry originally posted on How To Get Lost: The Tale of the Missing Backpack.]
As I wrote yesterday, my bag is missing. British Airlines didn’t deliver it along with myself to London, England, which has left me a little understocked in the underwear department (among other things).
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London, and bag gone AWOL

[This entry originally posted on How To Get Lost: London, and bag gone AWOL.]
The flight out to London was great. Wow. I love British Airways — amazing service for an airline. So far above anything Air Canada could ever hope to dish out. The food alone was better than most things I’ve cooked in the last little while.
Well, except for one minor little detail. My backpack has gone missing. The bag with all my clothes, toiletries, and various supplies for the next seven weeks.
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