The kitchen reno moves along

Well, since I last wrote, much has happened in the house. In our previous installment, the floors were starting to come up. Since then, a lot as happened, and we’ve had the prerequisite miscommunications, strange discoveries, and mild panic attacks (from us, the client — our contractor is likely annoyed as hell with us at this point).
But if there’s one thing I can say, we have progress. Lots of it.
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The floors start to disappear

Funny thing. Yesterday, when we’d thought the renovations were due to start on Tuesday (that’d be tomorrow), we weren’t exactly in a pressing need to finish getting certain appliances and a massive table out of the kitchen. Instead, we did what we could before passing out, exhausted, in bed. (Which, of course, didn’t last all night, as Choo Choo woke up crying because she wasn’t in her crib and was completely in the dark.)
It’s funny, because at just after 13:00 today, I got a series of text messages from Alex saying the floor was coming out of the kitchen. The same floor that wasn’t supposed to be coming out until tomorrow. This, of course, soon turned into bits of frustration, as I was already struggling with my project at work, and suddenly my home was under attack.
It’s very safe to say that I’ve had better/easier days.
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Kitchen goes bye-bye

Well, if you read the note about Choo Choo’s birthday, then you know that we did a little bit of the reno work today. The single most major part of our reno work upstairs is the kitchen, and it’s basically getting stripped right down to the floor — the subfloor, that is. So that means everything needs to come out, and that’s an opportunity to try and make back a few bucks on our rather large reno bill.
Thankfully, Alex — the Queen of Kijiji — found a buyer for our cabinets, who was quite happy to take them off our hands. We didn’t get a lot for them, but when all’s said and done, we’re up on their disposal, rather than being further in the hole. Not that they’ve eliminated the total cost of the reno…
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Upstairs Reno: The fun begins!

Well, about five years ago, we bought our current house. We knew that when we moved in, we were going to make changes. Our plans were lofty, and while we didn’t hold true to all of them (the tankless hot water wasn’t much of an option at the time), we did succeed in totally tearing out and rebuilding the basement — the single biggest thing to start with.
Then we moved to Costa Rica for a year and a half. When we got back … well, we started to notice a couple of things. First, this house was okay, but once you’ve got a very active person (or two) under your foot, you need a bit more ease at knowing what they’re up to, and having walls that obscure the view can be a problem.
And second, the kitchen was just plain uuuuuugly.
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And She said: I want new lights!

Okay, it wasn’t just Alex. Truth is, our “Florida Ceiling” bothered me from the moment we bought the house. In our original walk-around, it was one of the things I noted as needing “urgent replacement”. I personally found it rather hideous, and cast so much light into the kitchen as to be a little overwhelming.
I’d hoped today’s job would go reasonably quickly. After all, I don’t want to spend the entire day tearing things apart (although it is terrible fun) and putting in new things (admittedly, rarely ever as much fun), when I could be … well, doing other things.
But I digress…
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Nothing but the kitchen sink

It’s been a long time since we’ve done anything significant to the house. The last time, we gutted and rebuilt the basement, a much-needed effort. It is now the most comfortable and pleasant part of the house (except maybe the utility room, which is in need of some shelving, and maybe some spackle, tape, paint, a ceiling…). That leaves the upstairs as … well, as needing some “love”. And by “love”, I mean a few walls removed, rooms rearranged, bathroom(s) redone, and a much better light transfer.
But that’s a long time away. We’re talking a major improvement, which we can’t afford right now. So we’re going to start with the room that bothers Alex and I most — the kitchen. It’s too small, dark, and frankly doesn’t work well for us. (That, and I’m constantly comparing to our home in Garrison Woods, which had a kitchen that I loved.) As the saying goes, you gotta start somewhere.
So I threw out the sink.
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