A first “real” Hallowe’en

Today was Hallowe’en here in Calgary, and your first real Hallowe’en, kids. Yes, Monkey, you could easily argue that you had your first Hallowe’en two years ago when we lived in Costa Rica. (It could be further argued that you were in Calgary for your very first Hallowe’en, but clocking in at a mere two months drastically limited your ability to say “trick or treat” … or pretty much anything, really.)

That “first” Hallowe’en was largely missed by myself (sadly — traffic was not daddy’s friend that night), and your experience was limited to what the mothers at Avalon could put together. From what I understand, fun was had by all. But it wasn’t the same as going door-to-door, saying “trick or treat”, and loading yourself so full of candy that you don’t know what to do with yourself.

I gotta say, you made me proud tonight.

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Halloween in Costa Rica

…doesn’t really exist. Not in the way we gringos are used to seeing it, that is. Where we come from, decorations can rise to the level of an artform, and the single evening has evolved to the point where the only thing people really want to do is scare the crap out of each other.  

All in good fun, of course.  

In Costa Rica, 31 October is known better as (El) Noche de las Brujas (Witches’ Night). While that sounds quite a bit cooler than “Halloween” (I still prefer the more archaic “All Hallows’ Eve”), it’s not really observed here, which is a shame.  

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