Catching up with a few Radical friends

Not long after our trip out to the Lower Mainland entered the books, I hit up some old friends of mine through Twitter, to see if they’d be interested in a get-together. I hadn’t actually seen some of them in over a decade (even Joel I hadn’t seen in at least three years), and it just seemed a perfect thing to do.

Twitter has become a perfect way of bringing people together. Just as last year, when I met up with my old friend Sonny, I’m finding Twitter to be an intensively useful tool to meet up with friends long-unseen. In this case, it became a catalyst, and we dragged in a non-Twitterer while we were at it.

And it was a good evening, however short.

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RIP: Sean Lineham

Today, I arrived back in Costa Rica with my family in tow. Little did I know that my “other” family — my friends and colleagues back in Calgary, were facing quite the tragedy. I found out no sooner than I turned on my computer to send a quick note to my partners here in Costa Rica (remember, I have no phone with which to call them), and I got an IM request from Dave. All he said was: “Call me. Urgent.”

It would appear that my friend, colleague, and fellow watch geek (though I could never ascribe to the level he attained) Sean Lineham passed away last night.

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I Was Benno

Yesterday, I had a truly moving experience. I watched a movie. Not just any movie, but an experimental film created by a friend. A movie with a message (unlike much of the shlock that comes out of Hollywood). The message is universal, and I think everyone who watched the movie could see it.

It was particularly important because the movie was about my friend. A journey beyond his regular life, to find if there was more to himself than what he had here in Calgary.

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The Return of 36 Chambers of Shaolin

A little over two months ago, Dave “36” Chambers left Calgary for Toronto, where we were opening another office. On Friday, he came back to visit, and it was up to us to remind him why it was (or wasn’t) a bad idea to leave.

This was a weekend for travelling — many CMassers were moving about the country. Some were coming to Calgary, some were going to Toronto, but most (of the travellers) were going to Vancouver for a wedding. Shawn was Toronto-bound, conveniently about 45 minutes after Dave’s plane was to land. Making my trip completely useful, I took Shawn to the airport, he tagged off with Dave, and I took Dave back to our place.

For a game night of near-epic proportions.

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