My favourite trains (so far)

I rarely remember my dreams. I have to wake up in the middle of them to remember what they were about, and quite often I’m so tired that by the time I can get my mental faculties together to try and remember the dream, I already forgot what it was. Which is probably good, since […]

The Great Jasper Run, CN 6060 Stettler, Red Deer, Edmonton, Hinton, Jasper

637,540 pounds of hot iron 100,000 gallons of water 17,760 gallons of fuel oil 3,000 kilometres 566 digital photographs 400 pounds of food 250 litres of gasoline 30 mugs of beer 16 hard-working people 8 days 6 hotels 3.25 hours of video 2 plane trips -12 degree weather equals 1 Great Vacation What many people […]