Happy 2nd birthday, Monkey

Today, you turned 2, Monkey. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been two years, and yet those two years seem to have disappeared in a blink. You’ve spent just over half of your life (to date) here in Costa Rica, and I wonder if you even remember Canada. One day, I suppose, we’ll be wondering if you remember Costa Rica.

Your day started off with all of us getting up early … well, early for a weekend, anyway. We had to make breakfast, cut up fruit, make hibiscus tea, make salsas, and decorate the louge area up by the pool for your birthday party!  I wonder if you’ll remember this, too?

Well, even if you don’t, we took lots of pictures and movies.

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Odio pasar a un nuevo hogar

I hate moving.

But you already know that.

About two weeks ago, our first lease came due. This is when I had hoped to renegotiate our lease, as I felt the rent was about 33% higher than it really should have been. (There’s a longer story to this. I might be writing it sooner than later.) That discussion went in circles before we finally ended up where we are now.

In a new apartment.

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Finding a Costa Rican Casa, Day 3

Yesterday, I was pretty convinced that I was hooped — there was no way that I was going home to Canada with a place all squared away. The task just seemed close to impossible.

It’s amazing what 24 hours can do, though. After a conversation with Alex last night, the decision was that perhaps this Avalon Country Club would be worth it, after all. But there were still questions that needed answering before we could go in whole hog.

That’s what today was for.

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Finding a Costa Rican Casa, Day 2

I knew today was going to be awkward when I woke up. Based on the conversation I’d had with Alex last night, none of the houses we’d seen on Day 1 were at all suitable. Either way too large, in not-so-nice areas (e.g. you’d feel like you couldn’t go anywhere), or had stairs (which we’re trying to avoid with our almost-walking infant).

When Luz Elena and Lina Maria arrived this morning, I took their carefully crafted plan, opened the window, and tossed it out. (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

It was time to get a little more serious.

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