CM Rocks (all week)

Another summer, and another chance for Critical Mass to let off a lot of steam. This has been an extremely hard year for us so far — business is booming a lot more than anyone had thought, we’ve got 50% more people here than we did at the beginning of the year, our clients are challenging us more and more every day, and we’re always pushing ourselves harder to be better than before. But as the old adage holds: work hard, play hard.

For the first time this year, we pretty much had a four-day celebration. Four days of well-earned “rest”. Which pretty much involves a lot of alcohol-fueled adolescent behaviour…

And I must apologize to the other Critical Mass offices. I realized as I was going through the photos that this is hugely Calgary-centric. I’m not sure if that’s because of bad-timing/aiming, or I recognize so few other people that when I thought I was taking photos of other offices, it turned out to be this office. Next time, I’ll do a better job!

Day One: Town Hall and CM BBQ

Sadly, not one of our better Town Halls. But it’s really hard to go from the Allard Show to something that’s a little more business-oriented. Well, that and Dewi’s wig. I swear it moved on its own. The BBQ afterwards was a good chance to realize that, yes, we have a lot of new faces at the company.

Day Two: Business Unit Celebrations (and Ducky’s)

This was the night most people tend to regret. Those that survived their business unit meetings ended up at the Ship and Anchor. Those survivors (also known as “the wholly dedicated”, “those along for the ride”, and “the walking dead”) wound their way to Ducky’s Pub afterwards for karaoke. Those of us who survived Ducky’s wound up with some nasty hangovers the next day.

Day Three: Department Celebrations

Though a few beers were to be had, most people tended to avoid drinking to also avoid a repeat of the next before. The various departments spread out across the city, with Technology ending up in an almost-stereotypical location, a video game hall. Except there were also pool tables, air hockey tables, and a foosball table. Okay, so very stereotypical…

Day Four: BeerCamp and CM Rocks

BeerCamp is Critical Mass’ take on BarCamp. For our first run at the program, we think it went very successful. We hope it will continue to be successful in successive runs. In the afternoon, we all headed down to the Victoria Park Community Centre for CM Rocks, our full-company celebration. It included a video recap of the last five years, air band competition, and a live band — Curious George.

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