Critical Mass Town Hall 2007, Calgary Edition

Until this year, we’d always brought everyone out to Calgary, no matter where they were in the world, for the yearly event. But starting with the CMMYs, we realised that we had to dial things down a bit. And now that we’re over 550 people, it’s simply too many to shuffle around.
Toronto had their event two weeks ago. Chicago was last week. We wrapped up the bruhaha over the last three days. It’s been another interesting week…
First off, we had a business unit event — softball! It was a good chance to act ludicrously silly and get to know more about the other people on the team.

On Wednesday, we had BeerCamp. This is our version of BarCamp. Except with beer.

Then came the Executive-sponsored get together, where everyone congregated from their various events.

Finally, on Thursday, came the Town Hall. For this, we all trucked over to the Max Bell Theatre for about six hours of presentations and education.

Then we hopped down the road to Flames Central for the after Hall bash. This was without doubt one of the best parties we’ve ever had — one of the best I’ve ever been to in or out of Critical Mass! The food was great, and the bands were amazing. The only problem? I pity the people who have to outdo this for next year!

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