Critical Mass Christmas Party 2007

On Friday 7 December, we had our annual (local) shindig. Calgary (I think) was the last of the major offices to have its soirĂ©e, but it’s also the largest. Biggest office + associated spouses and/or significant others, it adds up in a hurry. We went to Flames Central, location of our [[Critical Mass Christmas Party 2007|summer event]], and apparently we didn’t scare them off the last time. If it were just us again, maybe they’d think otherwise, but when you bring the spouses along, you need to act a little more reserved.
No pictures of the band, unfortunately — we had to leave and return to our wee one before they came on.
And as always, due to the sheer number of people who work for Critical Mass know, I don’t know everyone anymore. If I’ve misidentified (or simply missed someone), please let me know and I’ll update the descriptions.

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