Gastronomic Propensity

Every year, come Christmas time, the employees at Critical Mass try their best to give to the community. We come up with all sorts of ways to make money — from ourselves. The tricky part is finding ways of raising money so that people don’t feel like they’re doing the same thing, year after year.

This year, the Creative Department (also known as Team 3) came up with the most original idea I’d seen for fundraisers: The Calvin Fear Factor. Now for those of you who don’t know Calvin Sun, he’s known around the office as “The Grease King”, due to his regular habit of fast food. The mere thought of a Big Mac is enough to make Calvin drool. The idea was for every $5 raised, Calvin would eat another type of vegetable. It would all be tossed in a blender, presumably either to make it easier for Calvin to eat, or to increase the “gross” factor.

Now Calvin wasn’t alone in this. Because the money needed to fund his vegetarian challenge was raised so quickly, the Creative Department came up with another idea: the Jason Wall Gastronomic Revenge. Jason is the antithesis of Calvin. Jason never eats fast food. He’s a triathlete. He eats a yogourt and a pear for lunch. He would be subjected to a four-piece KFC meal (complete with fries, gravy, and coleslaw), and poutine to top it off.

It’s really hard to say who had it worse.

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