Renovations, Part 1: Demolition

It is said that it is easier to destroy than it is to create. However, it is not said that it is also more fun. I wonder why?
This morning, we started the first part of our house renovation: tearing apart the crap that’s in the basement. As you’ve seen in pictures already posted (see [[Ugh. Moving again.]]), the basement was a renovation gone wrong.
Actually, that’s not entirely true. Today, I found out it was several renovations gone wrong.
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Basement floor plan, first draft

A few measurements, pencil, copy of Visio (on the company laptop, admittedly), tape measure, and a lot of time and patience leads to something moderately useful.
We’ve got a first draft at a floor plan. For the basement, that is. The upstairs is another issue which we’ll deal with later. For now, we’ve got our first fish to fry. It’s not perfect, though — there’s a few things we have to take into account. Continue reading “Basement floor plan, first draft”

Gearing up for renovations

We’re almost completely moved into the house, and while it’s still cluttered, we’re already looking to renovating the basement.
We have to renovate, really. The [[Ugh. Moving again.|basement isn’t set up for what Alex and I need]]. We want another full bathroom, and a spare bedroom (yes, we have three already, but when you’re thinking of having two kids…). Plus an office. And heated floors.
Then factor in the fun stuff: 1950s plumbing, wiring, and heating. The stuff is ancient, inefficient, and insufficient.
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Ugh. Moving again.

As you’ve already heard, we’ve bought another house (see [[Buying another house]]). It’s actually smaller than our current house, but should allow for a little more flexibility, and easier for us to content with the arrival of our firstborn in a few months (see [[Be Afraid. Very Afraid.]]).
Yesterday was the close on our “new” house. (We had a conditional sale on our current house on Thursday.) We didn’t actually get into it until today. The previous owner asked for a little leeway as it was taking longer to move than he’d planned. We were in no rush, so what the hey…
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2003, A Year in Review

First off, Happy New Year everyone!
2003 was quite a year — quite a few good things, and a number of bad ones. In fact, not a lot of good ones, worldly-speaking, that is. Although not all the “Year in Review” lists are out yet, the ones that are on the Internet are (not surprisingly) mostly negative. Lots of death and tragedy, with the odd curling win to make things brighter. Let’s just hope this year comes with a little less strife than the year past.
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