And She said: I want new lights!

Okay, it wasn’t just Alex. Truth is, our “Florida Ceiling” bothered me from the moment we bought the house. In our original walk-around, it was one of the things I noted as needing “urgent replacement”. I personally found it rather hideous, and cast so much light into the kitchen as to be a little overwhelming.
I’d hoped today’s job would go reasonably quickly. After all, I don’t want to spend the entire day tearing things apart (although it is terrible fun) and putting in new things (admittedly, rarely ever as much fun), when I could be … well, doing other things.
But I digress…
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Nothing but the kitchen sink

It’s been a long time since we’ve done anything significant to the house. The last time, we gutted and rebuilt the basement, a much-needed effort. It is now the most comfortable and pleasant part of the house (except maybe the utility room, which is in need of some shelving, and maybe some spackle, tape, paint, a ceiling…). That leaves the upstairs as … well, as needing some “love”. And by “love”, I mean a few walls removed, rooms rearranged, bathroom(s) redone, and a much better light transfer.
But that’s a long time away. We’re talking a major improvement, which we can’t afford right now. So we’re going to start with the room that bothers Alex and I most — the kitchen. It’s too small, dark, and frankly doesn’t work well for us. (That, and I’m constantly comparing to our home in Garrison Woods, which had a kitchen that I loved.) As the saying goes, you gotta start somewhere.
So I threw out the sink.
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Basement renovation almost complete

Sigh. Just in time for us to leave the house, too. Oh well, at least it’ll improve the overall value of the place, right?
Here are the before/after pictures. Because it’s important to know what we’ve done here. We started off with a 70s reno gone wrong. We’ve ended up with a nice, modern space ready for almost anything.
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Renovations nearing completion!

It’s been a long, hard slog since all this began a year ago. Demolition, plumbing, heating, framing, electrical, gas, contractor nightmares, self-realisation, and now the end of the tunnel is fully lit. This weekend, barring disaster, the basement will be done.
Just in time for us to leave the house and let someone else enjoy it. I’ve still not really come to grips with that part.
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Renovations Update

Since we went off world-hopping, a lot has happened. That’s not to say the basement is done yet. Sadly, we had hoped for completion by May. A couple of starting delays, and then a labour disruption with our contractor led to a bit of a slowdown. It’s almost the end of April, which means it’ll be an Act of God to get the basement done by May.
I think we’re okay with that. But it can’t go on much longer. Time’s a-runnin’ out.
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Renovations renewed

Well, as you already know, I’ve accepted the fact that I cannot renovate my own home. I’m neither skilled enough, nor have the time to handle it. (As it stands, there is considerable discussion that I’m not spending enough time with my family as it is.)
Anyway, we finally decided it was necessary to get a contractor to come in and finish the job.
No, scratch that.
To undo the mess I made, and do it right.
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2007, A Year in Review

I just realised — after I’d already posted this year’s review — that this is the 10th one I’ve done. Ten years already! Man… I’ve been doing this longer than I’d thought!
It’s that time of the year again — to look back on the year passed, and reflect on the things I’ve done. Where did I go? What did I do? What have I honestly got to show for myself. It’s been an insanely long year. Sure, it was still 365 (and 1/4) days, but it felt at least three times longer…
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My baby's back!

Over the last week-and-a-bit, I’ve been without my family. Alex and the wee one were out in BC visiting with family. Me? On self-imposed exile in the basement to try and wrap up as much of the renovations as possible.
Yes, I need to provide pictures of progress. But you’ll understand why I can’t in a moment…
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Drywall ain't light

After work tonight, I zipped down to the Home Depot to get more building supplies. Namely, sheetrock. I’m almost ready to start putting the stuff up (I might even start tonight, if I can get all the insulation in place), and I’m running out of time before Alex gets back.
This is sort of my own private “While You Were Out”. The problem is that this is a one-man job. I don’t have any help. That means I have to do everything myself. Including lugging 30 sheets of sheetrock.
And this stuff ain’t light.
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