The Shepherd's Path

This is a science fiction series, set in a slightly alternate timeline from our own (yes, I have a backstory), and well into the future. It is the tale of Lieutenant Jessica Shepherd: a trouble-shooter who is often dropped into difficult problems.
The first book in the series is called “Wonder”. It is a work inspired by a version of “Alice In Wonderland”, which I read to my daughter so many times that it cause me to rethink the story somewhat. And set it in a space station.

Lieutenant Jessica Shepherd has been assigned to take command of Alice Station, a research base in orbit around Jupiter. Upon arriving, she learns the previous commander went insane and committed suicide … guided by someone else’s hand. Her orders have been manipulated and her messages are being censored. Surrounded by driven and demanding scientists, an incapable assistant, an engineer who lurks in the walls, and a sociopathic computer, Jessica has no support, no escape, and no allies. Her subconscious is starting to get the best of her, and her struggle for sanity goes beyond her own life … or death.

I’m hoping to get this book published, so you can read it in its entirety. For now, I offer you the first three chapters:

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