Mom Moves to Calgary

A couple of years ago, just as COVID hit, my mom decided it was time to move into a “home”. She’d lived on her own for nearly 20 years at that point and her condo was no longer as fun as when she moved in.

Her choice, oddly, was Port Credit. I never did understand that move, but it was what she wanted. And while it had its good points, it wasn’t quite what she was needing. Which is, I guess, how she ended up in the situation of moving to Calgary.

Lest ye think that this is a bit dramatic, it’s worth pointing out that nearly all of her family, save for my sister, brother-in-law, and two nieces, all live here in Calgary. There’s 16 of us here, with two more in Vancouver (a short flight away). It’s not like there isn’t opportunity, at least.

Still, it’s the first time in 25 years – just shy of half of my life! – that mom and I have lived in the same province, let alone the same city. Heck, we’re in the same time zone, which is an achievement.

It’s going to be an adjustment for both of us. It’s not a “visit”, it’s just “dropping by”. We don’t need extensive planning. She won’t need to catch me up on what’s happening in my hometown that I no longer recognize.

She’s chosen The Edward, a “curated retirement living” building a few kilometres from where I currently live. To say it’s nice is an understatement. Although her apartment is small, there’s so much in the building to enjoy that it can almost seem like a land-locked cruise ship – why would you stay in your room all the time?? Apparently the food is amazing.

The kicker is that I thought The Edward would be far too expensive. As it turns out, it’s actually cheaper than the place she’d originally chosen down in Mission, being built by the same company she’d been with in Port Credit. Colour me surprised.

And they have a Bentley. Seriously.

Mom arrived Monday. I’ve only just seen her this weekend. It’s going to be a while before this feels anywhere remotely “normal”. But I’m looking forward to it!

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