2016-2020, a few Years in Review

It’s been six years since I’ve done one of these. There’s a host of reasons why, but it can be boiled down to a simple reality: I just didn’t want to. The last few years have been … challenging. And writing wasn’t something I was getting enough into, so writing about what I was doing (which wasn’t a lot) ended up not happening.

The passion was gone. And not just in the desire to write (or blog), it was out for a whole host of things. The candle had been blown out and I ended up being thrust into a perpetual dusk. In some strange form of irony, being stuck at home for most of 2021 due to the on-going pandemic seemed to actually spark something in me that had been dormant, bordering on going extinct. I felt a need to write. And not stories, I wanted to write trivial minutae again.

That relighting of a candle led to other sparks, which led to more candles, which has – though not entirely – rekindled the passion I felt so long ago.

It also means I need to do a little catch-up, since I’ve been so silent here for so long. So let’s review the last few years, eh?


I did my last Year In Review in January of 2016. Here’s the things that followed…


We stuck around to Alberta and British Columbia this year. We got around, but we didn’t go too far.


The girls got older and less child-like, and this might be the first year I really noticed it, especially with Choo Choo.


Like millions of others around the world, this would be our last “normal” year before the pandemic started. I don’t feel like we wasted this year, we got quite a bit out of it, but it definitely feels very long ago now.


This was the year the pandemic settled into the world. Although it had started the year before, it didn’t really reach Canada until late January, and didn’t become a problem until March. This was the year that changed everyone, often in painful ways. The only person who had anywhere near a normal year was Alex, though only because healthcare was needed more than ever.

And that catches us up to 2021…

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