The Story Is Key

Years ago, I started blogging because I had moved away from home and wanted those I knew and loved to know what I was up to, things I’d done, and that I was, in fact, okay. (The grand irony in that belief is that I wasn’t, in fact, okay, and that this blog made that pretty clear to everyone but me.)

In the years that followed, these stories started to give way to my “professional” life, and the need to publicize my own wisdom and knowledge and bla bla bla. Yeah, I soapboxed a lot. Most of it, when I read it now, makes me feel ill. Because that’s not what I really wanted to do — I did it because I felt I had to.

It’s high time to get back to story-telling.

The blog was moved from the original to partly as a branding exercise (ick!) and partly as an experiment in moving sites and seeing if Google would keep my site’s value in the process. (In short: it was a dumb idea in the first place, and no, Google didn’t partly because I botched the redirects.)

Anyway, the site at was left unused and it just sat there, begging me to do something with it. Frankly, I’m amazed it took as long as it did.

I’ve been writing (or trying to write) stories for years. Some of them are for me: short stories (most unfinished) and a couple of novels (none published, as most are also unfinished), but some are for my kids: bedtime stories that I wrote down because I liked how they sounded. These are the things I liked writing about, not about whether the web industry is going in a particular direction and how my umpteen years of experience will get you the best

[throws up]

[cleans up mess]

Sorry about that. I can’t stomach that pedantic garbage anymore.

So, stories. That’s where you’ll find most of my writing now, over at Come have a read. And if you have an idea for a story, send it to me. Can’t say I’ll make you famous, but you’ll definitely get credit.

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