She Choo-Choo choosed me

(Yeah, it’s grammatically incorrect. So shoot me.)

Choo Choo and Monkey did a couple of early Valentine cards tonight. The one Choo Choo gave me might well be one of the best I’ve ever gotten.

I’m rotating this 90 degrees from how she wrote it. But every word (and spelling) is hers.

I should add that Choo Choo is learning to spell.

y –
o – onoying [annoying]
u – usfull [useful]

a – a jerk [believe me, it’s a term of endearment]
r – relatev [relative; she’s not sure what this means, either]
e – evelushenery [evolutionary; I’ve never been called that before]

m – my dad
y – youth

v – vacation man [Best. Superhero name. Ever.]
a – amene [a meanie; see above note about being a jerk]
l – loving
i – I Love you [the “L” was backwards]
n – nativ [native; not sure what was meant]
t – tae [tea]
i – I Love you [the “L” is the right way around
n – nativ

Yeah, “valentine” isn’t spelled correctly, either. I don’t mind one bit.