The last tooth has been lost

Well Monkey, you’ve hit a milestone: today, you lost the last of your baby teeth. You told me you pulled it yourself (rather brave, if I do say so myself), and presented it to me like a strange kind of trophy. Your last baby tooth. There’s only adult teeth, now (and quite a few to come). Does that make you … an adult? Well, not in the legal sense…
I remember when your first tooth came in, so many, many years ago. I remember naming your teeth … or at least being told their names. I remember when the first one came loose, and then fell out. You were quite a bit more scared than I thought you’d be, but I suppose things falling out of your head are cause for alarm when you’re a kid.
Man, is your tooth fairy going to be disappointed…

I don’t remember when I lost my last tooth. I remember that weird, squishy sensation of rocking a molar back and forth, hearing the sucking sounds through my jawbone. I thought I was in high school (I’m guessing not, now). I was so looking forward to seeing what it was like with you … and then it was all done. Finito.
You’re ten and a half, now, and on that line between being a kid and a teenager. There are days when you’re very much that former one, which I still treasure so much. Those days are waning fast, as that latter state is arriving. We’re already seeing signs of it: the refusal, the rebellion, the trouble-making. I know that’s only a hint of what’s to come.
You’ve got some rather hilarious gaps at the moment (three teeth along your upper left, in particular). Those will soon fill with other teeth, and your dental problems will really begin. Calgary revoked fluoridation a few years back, and you’re not a fan of the liquid fluoride (can’t say I blame you, though). You’ll need to brush well, or face a drill. You’ve not yet picked up on that threat, though: you still resist, and it’s going to (wait for it!) bite you if you’re not careful.
One more awkward stage of growth completed, I suppose. And so many more to go…

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