Disney World 2016: Resting at the resort

It’s genuinely amazing what a single night of sleep can do for a person. I woke up feeling human. And apologetic about my behaviour the night before. And dying for coffee. Which, fortunately, the Landscape of Flavors has in spades.
Originally, we had planned to go to the Kennedy Space Center. However, we were all still quite tired from our experience the day before, so we opted to take another pool day, and relax. It was definitely the right decision to make.
It also gave me time to wander about the complex a bit and see some of the other parts. We’d seen The Lion King area a dozen times by that point, but we’d never gone into Cars. Imagine my amusement to find a 2/3-scaled Fillmore.
The eerie part is how real they looked. It was particularly noticeable with Mater:
Tow Mater
Otherwise, the day was to relax. Which we did.