Happy 5th Birthday, Monkey

Today was a big day, Monkey. A milestone — yet another of many to come. Another year has passed, but it’s an important one. You’re past infant, toddler, and now preschooler. You’re a real kid, now. You’re going to school — real school.

You’re not my “little” girl anymore. You’re a big girl now, really. (You’ll always be little, by the way. Just accept it and let’s move on, shall we?) I still find it hard to see you growing up, almost like you’re slowly getting away from me with every day.

I can’t believe you’re 5 already, Monkey.

It’s hard to think of all things you’ve been able to start doing on your own since the start of the year. You could already dress yourself, and you’re sort of okay with brushing your teeth, but now you’re starting to read on your own, and you no longer need training wheels on your bike. You’re big, Monkey!

It’s with that rather wistful thought that we review your birthday, which was today. (We had your party a couple of weeks ago, mostly because that was when we could actually get your friends to come over. Summers are hard to schedule.) We’d agreed on the event when Grandpa was here last — we were going (back) to Calaway Park.

We arrived just as the gates were opening, and zipped inside for a (half) day of fun. You and Mommy were on the bumper boats almost immediately, while Choo Choo and I tried to figure out how to stay occupied until the ride was over. (Sorry, Choo Choo, but you’re just not quite big enough for some of the more fun rides just yet.)

Then it was off to the “antique cars”. You drove, Choo Choo ran shotgun while Mommy and rode in the back. You drove very well … not that you had much of a choice — the track is pretty hard to get away from.

Mommy and you went on the spinny ride that Choo Choo didn’t much like — she went on the plane ride (which you followed on later). We went to the (laser) shooting range. You actually hit things (with a bit of help). Mommy won at the skeeball game; you and Choo Choo got a pair of unicorns from the deal.We did the train ride again, after you both went on the kiddie roller coaster. We had lunch.

The afternoon ended with a trip on the hot air balloon ferris wheel and a ride around on the Baja buggies before we headed back home. Grandma met us there for dinner. We had a ladybug-shaped cake (you wouldn’t believe how the black spots of the icing did a number on your lips, tongue, and teeth). You got some wonderful presents.

And you passed out, hard, Monkey. But you had a really, really big, wonderful day.

I still can’t believe you’re 5.