I hate you leave you in the morning, Part 2

Where once there was one,
Now there are two.
But the patterns remains the same.

Wakened by one, though with hugs from both.

We sit. We eat. We chat.
Stories, changing of clothes and preparing for the day.
Teeth brushed.
Please, just let Mommy sleep a little while longer.

“Daddy, you going work?”
“Yes, honey…”
“But I miss you!”

Prometheus brought fire to man
And endured the eagle every day.
My heart faces the same eternity of destruction and healing
For everyday that I must leave.

Hugs. A kiss. A moment of love.
It is a fleeting moment, like your innocence
Too soon gone.

It’s a lonely trek away from you
Each step an ache
A string strung too far
Desperate to break.

Days are long
Time is short
You grow up too fast
Suddenly, another year passes

What did I miss?

I miss you. Every day.


I hate to leave you in the morning.