The floors start to disappear

Funny thing. Yesterday, when we’d thought the renovations were due to start on Tuesday (that’d be tomorrow), we weren’t exactly in a pressing need to finish getting certain appliances and a massive table out of the kitchen. Instead, we did what we could before passing out, exhausted, in bed. (Which, of course, didn’t last all night, as Choo Choo woke up crying because she wasn’t in her crib and was completely in the dark.)

It’s funny, because at just after 13:00 today, I got a series of text messages from Alex saying the floor was coming out of the kitchen. The same floor that wasn’t supposed to be coming out until tomorrow. This, of course, soon turned into bits of frustration, as I was already struggling with my project at work, and suddenly my home was under attack.

It’s very safe to say that I’ve had better/easier days.

I’ll dispense with the work-related items, since most people wouldn’t have a freaking clue what I’m talking about, anyway. So instead, let me regale you with our home situation.

As you may recall, we’re having considerable work done in the kitchen, much of which starts with floors being torn up and walls coming out. The floors started disappearing today. Two things we learned, in a short period of time: first, most of the wood flooring upstairs is very thin — only 3/8″ thick (most hardwood flooring is thicker). Second, the flooring in the kitchen (more recent) was apparently done by an “amateur”, since the maple hardwood (5/8″ thick) was put overtop the old linoleum (a swirly limey-green), which was itself asphalted to the subfloor — all of which needs to be torn out.

The term, ladies and gentlemen, is “painful”. All that flooring is heavily screwed, glued, and nailed. I can’t imagine how long it’ll take to come out.

Flooring starting to come out, Westgate, Calgary, Alberta, 19 March 2012

Anyway, I had to make a dash home after work today to get the stove, “new” microwave, dishwasher, and our kid-strength (“industrial” is far too weak for our needs) dining table out of the kitchen. That got me in a discussion with “Curly”, our contractor’s newest hire, who was engaged in the floor removal. He’s a chatty one, that.

Tomorrow, I gather, the wall comes out. (And likely the fireplace, given where it sits.) Should be interesting, given the piping and wiring present within. If nothing else, it’ll be more progress.

Pictures to come soon!

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