Happy 2nd birthday, Choo Choo!

Happy 2nd birthday, my dear Choo Choo!

It’s almost impossible to believe you been with us only two years, you shining little light. Two short — and somehow, impossibly long — years ago, you found yourself suddenly freezing, weighed, and then set upon by a dozen doctors and nurses who were all convinced you were not exactly in the best of health. To see you running around today, inhaling chocolate cupcakes like they were air … well, if anything, I’d suspect those doctors would feel proud you’ve turned out so well.

Goodness knows I am, kiddo.

Today’s events started almost as normally as any Sunday could. We got up, we had pancakes. Of course, Grandpa being around was definitely a different thing — he’s here a lot, but not that often. And then we had no blueberries for our pancakes (we ran out, and I forgot to get more). And then we tore out the kitchen.

Oh, did I forget to mention that, on your second birthday, we gutted the kitchen and Mommy’s and my bathroom and moved to another house?

My dear, you will not remember our old kitchen. Monkey will, but likely only a little. You likely won’t remember it at all. We’ll show you pictures of it, and you might think it reminds you of something, but … well, Choo Choo, you’re not old enough. You’re only two.

Funny thing is, you’ve been acting a lot older than two for a long time. I credit your sister with this — she has taught you a lot. And sadly, a lot of it is BAD HABITS (ahem, Monkey, thank you for that!). I’m not saying you act badly, Choo Choo, but you tend to put your foot down (literally) a lot more easily than perhaps you should. Your attitude has formed very early.

As has your vocabulary. You still can’t say your sister’s name right, and you can’t say “milk”, either. You have, however, a wonderful little “click” in place of the “k”. You can say “cat”, “coat”, “cars”, and “cup” fairly well, though they do tend to sound more like “tat”, “toat”, “tars”, and “tup” a little more than anything. It’s developmental, though, and we’re hearing signs that you’ll be getting that nice hard-“k” sound soon. The question will then be how long it takes you to say “yellow” instead of “lellow” (Monkey went about a year before she got it right, much to Grandpa’s delight).

After Daddy and the people who bought our kitchen cabinets were done, we went to the Cabin Cafe for lunch. You squealed though most of your baby bagel egger sandwich, and then we went back to the house for you to have a nap. When you woke up, we went over to our temporary house for dinner (roast chicken, potatoes, and brocolli — one of your favourites), and Mommy made you chocolate birthday cupcakes. You got some wonderful presents, including a new baby doll (‘cuz this family needs a sixth baby doll…)

Birthday cupcakes, Westgate, Calgary, Alberta, 18 March 2012

Birthday present aftermath, Westgate, Calgary, Alberta, 18 March 2012

Tonight, you’re trying to sleep in a bed. Well, on a mattress on the floor, anyway. You’re not in your crib, which is proving to be a bit of a problem. Mommy’s been in with you now for about 45 minutes, and you’re really just not interested with going to sleep. I foresee many nights coming up of you needing to be held before you go to bed. But don’t think that’s a problem, Choo Choo — your daddy is always willing to cuddle up with you.

I hope you had a wonderful second birthday, even if you won’t really remember it. Next year’s birthday, if Mommy has her way, should not only be memorable, but should hopefully be one you do remember.