Vacation 2012, Day 2.5

Well, kids, this vacation is certainly having some ups and downs. I’m taking that as a good thing, by the way, since without variation things can get a little dry. That’s also a joke, incidentally — “dry” isn’t a concern around here. It’s rained every day so far (we have thunderstorms as I’m writing this), […]

Thoughts on Microsoft Surface

Okay, you know my opinions on Microsoft. They’re not exactly private. So yes, I definitely went into yesterday’s announcement with low expectations. Microsoft has really only done one thing really well in the last decade, in my opinion: Xbox. That was a helluva gamble — I was in the gaming industry still when the first […]

40 days until 40

There are milestones, and then there are MILESTONES. There are events in lives that one looks forward to, and there are those that they dread. (Okay, yes, there are a few that are ones to make fun of, too. This could easily be one of them.) I’m headed for a big one. THE one, for […]