2010, A Year in Review

Man, it feels like a year ago since I last wrote one of these … oh, wait.  (Yes, it’s a stupid joke. You should know me by now…)
2010 was the year we made contact … wait, sorry, wrong catchline. 2010 was the year my family welcomed new members, notably my youngest, a daughter (code)named Choo Choo. It was a year I changed my career outlook (yes, again), and found that I’m not (completely) useless. This was a year of family, for me, and that’s perhaps the most important aspect.
But despite all that, I hesitate to call it “a year of change”.
Got me as to why, though. Let’s be honest, there were a lot of changes, not the least of which are the ones noted above. But at no time did I feel like this is a sudden (and possibly unwanted) shift in my life. It actually feels like things are more settled this year, despite the apparent upheaval, than in previous years. Maybe one day I’ll make some sense of that little quandary.
In the meantime, let’s review 2010:

  • Began the year with tea at the Banff Springs, seeing my friend Sonny for the first time in about 15 years
  • Started working with some old friends at a new(er) company, Evans Hunt
  • Went to Edmonton for a “surprise” weekend (mostly for Monkey) and spent a great morning in the waterslides with her
  • Celebrated my Nana’s 97th birthday, which would also sadly be her last
  • Found out that I’m K+, my kids are K+, and my wife is anti-K
  • Spent many a sleepless night worrying about Choo Choo before she was born
  • Though originally disheartened, came to love and be thrilled by the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada, and felt the massive pride for the successes of our athletes
    • Yes, I Twittered obsessively during the Men’s Hockey gold medal game
  • Bought our first flat-screen TV, to go along with our Apple TV
  • Welcomed my youngest, (code)named Choo Choo to our world
  • Watched Monkey’s first Easter egg hunt
  • Found out I’ve got something called “narrow angles” in my eyes, and got laser surgery in both of them
  • Went to Drumheller, and visited the Royal Tyrell
  • Guided (albeit not as well as I could have) the technical launch of my first all-Drupal website: VisitCalgary.com
  • Experienced the abject terror of losing your child in a mall
  • Said “thank you” to my Nana — I never say “goodbye”
  • Went on my first train chase with Monkey
  • Went to dim sum a couple of times, but not nearly enough
  • Introduced Monkey to sushi — I think she likes it
  • Went to Heritage Park a couple of times, and even saw Thomas the Tank Engine (hey, I’m a parent and I like trains, it’s a win-win)
  • Went to the Zoo lots (it helps to have a pass)
  • Saw a few movies, but not enough for my liking (the favourite of the year was Toy Story 3, and no, not just because I’m a parent)
  • Went on the first Great Family Roadtrip:
    • Overnighted in Medicine Hat, AB; Whitewood, SK; Moosimin, SK; and Swift Current, SK
    • Went to Winnipeg
    • Went to some place east of Camper, out in the middle of nowhere, as part of Alex’s family reunion
    • Stopped off in Regina, Moose Jaw, and Portage La Prairie
    • Drove the whole way and back again, and the kids didn’t seem to mind at all
  • Got diagnosed with a hernia (yay, me)
  • Celebrated Monkey’s 3rd birthday, her first in Canada (beyond the day she was born, that is)
  • Finally got right ticked off with Shaw’s horrid home internet service, and switched over to Telus … we’ll see how it all goes
  • Did some kitchen renovation:
    • Installed a new sink and tap
    • Tore out the Florida ceiling
    • Installed new lighting
  • Had new windows installed in the house
  • Returned to being a developer, rather than a pure manager (I’m still adjusting to this one)
  • Took Monkey out on her first real Hallowe’en
  • Grew a moustache for Movember (my first, and last time)
  • Went to the Currie Barracks location of the Calgary Farmer’s Market almost every weekend for a year, until the location finally (and sadly) closed in December
  • Went on our first family flight out to Abbotsford, to spend Christmas in BC
  • Visited with some old friends from Radical Entertainment
  • Went to downtown Vancouver for the first time in about five years, and remembered how much I love it there
  • Had my first green Christmas in many, many years
  • Didn’t ride nearly enough trains

Whoof. That’s a lot for one year. Can’t wait to see what 2011 throws at me. Bring it, New Year — I’m ready for you!