Two weeks to Choo Choo

It almost seems hard to believe, but we’re down to two weeks until you finally arrive, Choo Choo. Two weeks — well, pretty much right now — I hope to be holding you in my arms, holding you tight and letting you know that the rather unpleasant experience you’d just gone through will only be in your past.

These two weeks will be both interminably long, and over instantly. There’s just so much to do before you come home with us, and I can’t wait until you’re there. You’ll be welcomed immediately by your sister, The Monkey, by Asia the cat, and your Grandpa, who’s eagerly awaiting his next grandchild. Your second cousin — currently only known as “Baby T” — might be here by then.

Only time will tell.

Like your sister, I have such high hopes for you, and I’ll try not to turn them into expectations. Monkey blazed the path, to some degree, so Mommy and I aren’t walking in totally blind to your needs, but you’ll have to forgive us if we’re sometimes a little slow — it’s been a while since we’ve had to take care of an infant. I’m sure it’ll come back to us quickly, though.

I wonder how much you’ll be like Monkey, and how you’ll be different. Will you cry a lot? Will you sleep? Will you have lots of hair? Will you have trouble teething? How soon will you be crawling or walking? How will you adapt to being in different time zones?

There are times I wish I could predict the months (and years) to come, to try and avoid the pain that comes with growing and learning. But there are also the times that I’m immensely happy that I can’t, making each and every day a discovery. Every day we will see you learn something new, do something different. That keeps me from feeling old, because it reminds me just how much of a joy it is to be a parent. Something I hope you get a chance to experience yourself … many years from now.

So rest up, dear Choo Choo. You’ll need your energy for that first day. It’ll be big, it’ll be loud, it’ll be bright. Once the shock wears off, and you’re cuddled up with Mommy, you’ll realise that you’re safe and the only thing you’ll need to do (at least for a while), is eat, sleep, be utterly adorable, and be adored.

And pee and poo, but that takes some getting used to…