Missing you

Absence makes the heart grow

Fungus, decay, loss, sorrow, woe, and worry

Emotional complex, broken

A friend once told me
“Life gets in the way”
It was too long time ago he told me that

Life has kept us apart
There are daysweeksmonths
When I feel like an observer
A spectator
An accident rubbernecker
Trying to peer into a life
That is not my own

Grasping at the wisps of cloud
Dreams and desires
They float through my hands
Laughing as they go

I long for the past
For events real and imagined
For conversations had
For dreams dissected
For sorrows and stresses shared

Because my present is empty
And my future bleak
I know you’re there

(I can hear you breathing)

Timing isn’t what it used to be
But we try and try and try

Know that I care
I want
I wish
I love
I think
I dream
I belong

I see you in my mind
Even if my mind wanders
Like the clouds I try to catch
In the end it’s the act that matters most

Missing you