Anyone want to buy a used car?

That ticking is getting louder, I tell ya.

We’re officially out of the “long vacation” timeframe, and into the “standard” two week vacation timeframe. You know this one: enough time to fly to a distant land, see two or three different places, get really drunk in a bar and get robbed blind, realise you’ve actually got a funky disease you’re not sure if you got from the food or that person you swore looked like a woman the night before…

What? Why are you looking at me like that? You make it sound like no-one else has vacations like that.

Anyway, we’re running out of time, and it still feels like there’s a tonne to do. Our list now looks like this:

Maybe 50% of the list is done/covered. And there’s a few really big items that still worry me a lot. Like the car. I really REALLY want to sell that car. It’s an asset I don’t want lying around. I’ve got backup plans, if necessary, but having it dispensed with would REALLY help.

So… anyone in CR, want a car? Drop me a line…