I hate to leave you in the morning

The smile on your face outshines the sun
as I walk into your room
the sweet sound of “daddy”
you tell me of your dreams in a language I don’t speak
but the wonder is clear

Changed and ready for the day to come
you gigglescream from your room
searching for mommy, kitty, horton, mog, backyardigans
you used to sign for milking a cow
now it’s “juice”
you are always excited to eat

You bring me books
you bring me frogs
you bring me toys
you want me to play
you want me to stay
you want me today

But I have to go to work
I have to leave you
I see your childhood slipping away

We eat
for a few short minutes

make coffee
gather lunch
brush teeth
fill bag
carpool in five minutes

Mommy sits with you
have you forgotten me already
am I but a ghost in your life

Quick hug
royal wave
“bye bye daddy”

I hate to leave you in the morning