Happy 2nd birthday, Monkey

Today, you turned 2, Monkey. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been two years, and yet those two years seem to have disappeared in a blink. You’ve spent just over half of your life (to date) here in Costa Rica, and I wonder if you even remember Canada. One day, I suppose, we’ll be wondering if you remember Costa Rica.

Your day started off with all of us getting up early … well, early for a weekend, anyway. We had to make breakfast, cut up fruit, make hibiscus tea, make salsas, and decorate the louge area up by the pool for your birthday party!I wonder if you’ll remember this, too?

Well, even if you don’t, we took lots of pictures and movies.

This time last year, your party was small — just you, Mommy, and me. This time, we invited all of our friends and (if they had any) their children. Your friends Marissa and Luba came. I wonder if you’ll remember them?

Sadly, before we could go up for your party, we had a small accident. Well, you had a small accident. You were climbing up on the toilet in your bathroom, and presumably slipped. You fell down and bit your lip. You might have even have bitten it all the way through, but we’re not really sure as it’s hard for us to look at it without you crying. Maybe this will teach you not to climb on the toilet?

Slowly everyone arrived, and you played at the table Mommy borrowed from your school. You ate a lot of corn chips with the avocado salsa (you love avocados) and the mango salsa, too. You ate the yummy cookies that Mommy baked, as well as ones that Julia baked. You ate some of the fruit skewers, too.

Birthday guests, Avalon Country Club, Río Oro, San José, Costa Rica, 22 August 2009

Snacks, Avalon Country Club, Río Oro, San José, Costa Rica, 22 August 2009

It wasn’t long before you wanted to go in the pool, though. Marissa was in the pool mere minutes after getting to the party, and you didn’t want to miss out. I took you to the wading pool, which was absolutely perfect for once, and we all played in there. Eventually Luba came, too, and the three of you splashed each other, as well as Marissa and Luba’s mommies, and me.

But it wasn’t long before noon came, and it was time for everyone to go home. You were pretty tired by then, too, and you had a really good nap. So did I, actually. I was soooo tired.

We played for a bit when you got up, and then I went and got us dinner from Tandoori Palace again. You’re really liking Indian food, and I can’t wait to introduce you to other kinds, like Chinese, Japanese, Ethopian, Greek, Eastern European, and so forth. There’s so much to experience, kiddo!

Anyway, while I was out, you talked with Grandpa and Granny (though Grandma was here for the last two weeks), but we couldn’t get a hold of Nana, unfortunately.

After dinner, we had cake and ice cream. You ate the ice cream happily (and much less messy than last year), but didn’t eat much of the cake. You opened presents, one of which was Tyrone — the last “Ya Ya” (your word for “Backyardigans”), so now you have all five. You still can’t say “Tyrone”, of course, but you’re trying.

Speaking of speaking, your word count increases daily, although your pronounciation has led to some rather funny moments. Like when you talk about the shirt you got from Marissa. Sadly, her name comes out sounding like “pizza”, and you can’t really say your R’s right now, so “shirt” is … well, it’s a word you shouldn’t be saying right now. The two words together are inappropriately hilarious.

Now you’re two years old. And if it’s even remotely possible, you not only get cuter each and every day, but I’m finding more things to love about you every day, too. It makes it all the more hard when I have to hug you and Mommy every morning before I go to work, because I just count the minutes before I can see you again.

Sleep well tonight, Monkey, and dream of Ya Yas, and baby frogs, and planes. Tomorrow’s going to be another great day!

Well, except for the fact that Grandma’s going home tomorrow.