Canadian citizenship questions are kinda funny

My friend Julia is getting ready to have her Canadian Citizenship test, as she’s tired of being merely a Permanent Resident, and now apparently wants to have more say in these taxes she’s been paying. To that end, she’s received and is now reviewing the requisite materials for the test. (I offer you the list […]

I wouldn't have done it that way

I’ve recently run into a common programming problem. While turning a development project over to another development agency, we heard that worst of comments: Why did you build it that way? It seems like a simple question. But it belies it’s true meaning. What they’re really saying is: We wouldn’t have done that. This design […]

20 years of blogging (and Post #1,000)

Well, okay, not so much “blogging” as journaling, but most of them are now online for everyone to ignore. Twenty years ago, I got to do something that (comparatively) very few westerners got to do, and will never get to do again: I went behind the Iron Curtain. I visited the (former) Soviet Union. Believe […]