Where to find great Indian in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a long way from India. It’s also a long way from Vancouver and Calgary, which are the two places where I’ve come to really know and love Indian food. (It helps that both cities have large Indian populations.) When we came to Costa Rica, we were ready for Latin American cuisine, and thus far we’ve not been disappointed.
But still, you hanker for the things you love. Like a good butter chicken.
So image our surprise when Alex talked to the owner of Tandoori Palace in Lindora … and finds that he lived in Calgary once upon a time.
She scored a couple of samples of samosas, too. I love samosas, especially the vegetable ones. (Beef or chicken samosas are okay, but I find that chana really brings out the flavour.) So a couple of days later, we placed an order for samosas, naan, butter chicken, daal, and some rice.
Stunned. Absolutely amazed. The food was actually better than most of the places I had eaten up north. It was hot, fresh, tasty, and just spicy enough to make it matter. I rank it among the top places I’ve eaten. Though do keep in mind I’ve not yet been to India.
But still, if you live in the Santa Ana area, check out Tandoori Palace. It’s totally worth it.

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  1. Yep. Welcome to paradise.
    Ya want some rockNroll Mediterranean like you have never had,? Look up the Gingerbread house in Nuevo Arenal.
    Then we have La Pacifica on the road from Canas to Liberia…. The list goes on and on.
    Pura Vida !

  2. I’ve heard about the Gingerbread House. It had a review in the Tico Times a couple of months ago. We’ll keep an eye out for La Pacifica next time!

  3. Good Indian Food , really best place to get authentic indian food. Its not spicy but it has taste
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Centro Comercial Vistana Oeste Local #14
    Pozos de Santa Ana
    (506) 2582-0416

  4. I also recommend the “Taj Mahal” somewhere near Escazu.. it’s great.
    *as a side note, if you’re looking fo italian food, Baccus is also really good.. near “Taj Mahal” too.

    1. Hi unknown! I’ve heard Taj Mahal is also very good, but we haven’t tried it yet. We’ve been to Bacchus a few times, and it’s always excellent.

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