9 years … and counting

Today marks yet another notch on the belt of my career. Today, I’ve been at Critical Mass (or within the Critical Mass family, anyway) for nine years.  
It’s weird. Very weird. I’m actually having trouble comprehending this fact. Nine years of my life (1/10th, depending on how long you think I might live) has been with one company. In my father’s generation, that would be considered “getting started”. In my generation, it’s considered “insane” — the turnaround is often two years or less.  
But here I am. Nine years, and counting. If you’d asked me at the end of my first year if I’d still be around eight years later, I’d have said that you were crazy. It’s been a hell of a ride, and at the same time seems almost short, now. But there’s a lot of memories in those years, too.  
Okay, enough reminiscing… I got work to do…

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  1. It is certainly impressive. Mostly so that’s in the IT industry which accelerates the regular 00’s turnaround by much! So congratulations and get to the 10th anniversary mark with a huge party and invite me!

  2. Gracias, Andrea! Si voy a llegar a diez aà ±os, voy a tener una fiesta que no voy a recordar después! 😉

  3. Congrats Geoff! I hope you get a nice fat anniversary bonus. I’ve only been here 2+ years but I know you’ve done a lot for CM:)

  4. Thanks for the vote, Katie!
    Sadly, no anniversary bonus for me. My “bonus” is being here in Costa Rica. 😉

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