A few of my favourite movies

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the years what movies I have in my Top 10 (or Top 5 or Top 3) list. There’s a lot of good movies out there, and a number of them definitely get listed among my favourites.  
But make no mistake, I have no actual Top Whatever list. I rarely ever rank movies because that suggests that I place one movie over another. Which I don’t and can’t. There are some movies I watch because I’m simply in the mood to watch them. Others remain special for me, even if I haven’t watched them in a long time.  
The key thing of every movie in this list: I’ll watch it if I see it on TV, and if someone hands me the DVD, I’ll be happy to sit down to watch without a second thought.  
And now, in no particular order…

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Yes, I'm still alive

You’re probably looking at the datestamp of my previous entry and wondering: Where the heck has that loser Geoff disappeared to? Well, much to your chagrin (or reassurance, depending on your point of view), I’m still very much alive.  
Yes, I’ve been very incommunicado. I’ve been exceedingly busy. Busier than I’ve been in my entire life. Busy in a way I can’t even begin to describe adequately. Busy in a way I can’t even appreciate myself.  
I’ve been here in Costa Rica for a mere 9 months. And I gotta tell ya, it feels like two years.
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