25 Coffees

For those of you keeping track — and I know there are those of you who do (you freaks!) — I’ve officially reached coffee #25. I’m drinking it as I write this, in order to combat a serious lack of sleep brought on by windstorms we’re having here at the moment.
This is a milestone in a variety of ways. First, it’s proven that I am, in fact, a coffee drinker and likely on my way to coffee addiction. I’m comfortable with that, provided it’s good coffee. I dread having my first bad coffee. It’ll happen, I’m sure, and I’m not going to enjoy it. But I have to brace myself.
The second part is that I am no longer counting how many coffees I drink. Not for any real reason other than I’m just too damn lazy to keep it up.
Am I a coffee ¬†connoisseur ¬†after all of this? Heck, no. I’ve only had 25 coffees, people! And all of it Costa Rican coffee. I’ve yet to even have a (complete) Starbucks coffee, let alone one from Tim Horton’s. So I’ve got a long way to go before I can say definitively what good coffee is.
But I do know what I like. I’ve had coffee a variety of ways since first trying it. Allow me to elaborate:

  • 7 chorreadors (the Costa Rican “coffee sock”), including my first
  • 11 espressos from our home machine
  • 1/2 candy cane mocha latte (or something like that) from Starbucks in the Newark airport — I’m counting this as a whole coffee (no partials)
  • Mocha Freeze from Port City Java (technically not a coffee, but contains coffee, so I’m counting it)
  • 4 restaurant coffees
  • 1 drip coffee that I just had at The Hangar (my first work coffee)

Now after all that coffee, I’m also starting to get set in my ways for the way I’ll drink it. And yes, I’m going to annoy a few people with this.
I’ve had it black, black with sugar, with cream, and with sugar and cream. I’ve had it from the sock, from a machine, from a drip maker, and have avoided instant altogether (and will continue to do so). In the end, I’ve found my favourite is with at least 2% milk (no skim, please!) and some sugar.
Yes, the traditional Canuck double-double.
And not because I don’t like the taste of coffee, but remember that all my history relating to the taste of coffee has been from consuming it usually in the form of a flavour, often sweet and usually creamy (e.g. ice cream, cake, desserts of some kind). So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise, really.
So there we are. 25 coffees in about 2.5 months. Not too bad, eh?
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need coffee #26…

3 thoughts on “25 Coffees”

  1. What got me off of sugar in coffee (and therefore reducing my overall intake of sugar for the day!) was when Dad pointed out that milk when heated has a slightly sweet taste, so no sugar in my lattes!! Hence my love of our red espresso machine and my sometimes twice daily lattes… yay, it’s TGI Bailey’s Friday!! PS I also found out that at some places, cafe con leche = cafe latte, so a cheaper coffee, same yumminess.

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