On your first days of school

Hey kiddo! I know I haven’t written to you since your first birthday. That’s not good for me to do, but sadly your father has been a very busy person in the last few months. That’s not an excuse — there is no excuse for not communicating with you — it’s just a very sad reality.
Today you’re on your second day of school — your first was just yesterday. Your Mom and I were a little worried how you’d handle school. For the last near-18 months, the only people you’ve really known are us, and you’ve seen us nearly every day of your life. And certainly, you’ve seen your mother far more than I.
And that’s what I want to talk about, actually.
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RTV passed (though it shouldn't have)

This morning, I made a return visit to the RTV to redo the test I failed last week. I woke up even earlier than last time (the “normal” evil traffic has returned to Lindora, and I didn’t want to be late), drank a strong coffee, and prepared to get through this with flying colours.
I mean, we fixed the brakes. It should be perfect, right? Right?
Lest we forget, though, that Murphy lives with me.
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25 Coffees

For those of you keeping track — and I know there are those of you who do (you freaks!) — I’ve officially reached coffee #25. I’m drinking it as I write this, in order to combat a serious lack of sleep brought on by windstorms we’re having here at the moment.
This is a milestone in a variety of ways. First, it’s proven that I am, in fact, a coffee drinker and likely on my way to coffee addiction. I’m comfortable with that, provided it’s good coffee. I dread having my first bad coffee. It’ll happen, I’m sure, and I’m not going to enjoy it. But I have to brace myself.
The second part is that I am no longer counting how many coffees I drink. Not for any real reason other than I’m just too damn lazy to keep it up.
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RTV failed

It goes to figure: Even though Costa Rica seems to lack things like good traffic control, traffic laws that people take seriously (though that’s beginning to change with some of the new laws that have been introduced recently), or even decent roads, Costa Rica happens to have one of the most advanced vehicle inspection systems I’ve ever seen.  
It’s so advanced that I’m willing to bet most of the junkers you see on the road up north wouldn’t even pass inspection down here. You wouldn’t be allowed to drive ’em. It amazes me to no end that the standards here are so high given the comparison to everything else.
And it goes to figure that our car failed. Damn you, Murphy, will you kindly leave me the hell alone, now?!
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