2008, A Year in Review

Hasta la vista, 2008! You were a tough year in the life, and while you certainly gave me a good run, I’m not unhappy to see you go. You’ve lead me further down the road of fatherhood, brought me back dear old friends, brought me new challenges at work … and of course moved me to an entirely different country. But with all of this, you’ve brought a whole mess of turmoil, instability, and grief.  
Now for those of you who’ve not been following along — and what the heck, even for those of you have — here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Started the year with a big decision: move to Costa Rica and help start up a new business
  • Marvelled in the wonder of my daughter learning how to speak, and starting her first unaided steps (of course now we need a homing beacon and a volume setting, but that’s another story)
  • Came to the heavily sobering reality that I am not my father, and finally agreed that we needed a contractor to finish the redevelopment of our basement
  • Was extremely happy to see the basement finally complete
  • Switched briefly to a Mac before switching back to a PC (too many issues with emails and meetings); I now curse the reality that I wish I were on one
  • Came down with an evil flu, despite getting a flu shot
  • Saw my first NBA game
  • Went to Chicago
  • Went to San Francisco
  • Went to Santa Cruz (and went for a sailboat trip out on the ocean)
  • Went to Las Vegas
  • Went to London
  • Went to Glasgow
  • Went to Oban
  • Went to Iona
  • Went to Inverness
  • Went to Edinburgh (albeit briefly)
  • Went to York
  • Went to Costa Rica twice in three weeks … the second time to move there
  • Haven’t returned to Canada since mid-July (went to bring my family down)
  • Went to Panama City twice
  • Saw the Panama Canal (and a ship travel through the locks)
  • Went to Toronto
  • Went to Oakville and Burlington
  • Went to Punta Leona
  • Went to Montezuma
  • Went to Arenal (again)
  • Went into San José many times
  • Went to New York City for Christmas
  • Didn’t ride nearly enough trains (despite going to the UK)
  • Attended the Web 2.0 conference
  • Learnt to drive Costa Rican-style
  • Comenzó a aprender español
  • Mourned the loss of my friend Sean
  • Missed my many friends dearly — one feels very alone and separated down here
  • Made more new friends
  • Bought a new used car (for far more than it should have cost…)
  • Got a traffic ticket for pulling a u-turn
  • Went to a Costa Rican soccer, er futbol game
  • Tried to encourage my former co-Calgarians to vote Jim Prentice out of office (sadly, it was likely too little, too late)
  • Experienced considerable grief with our internet connections, both at home and at work
  • Actually managed to get a decent Thanksgiving meal in Costa Rica
  • Felt two earthquakes, one of which I almost slept through
  • Drank my first cup of coffee (current tally: 15)
  • Got to experience Halloween in a different country
  • Came to loathe Costa Rican traffic
  • Had our first Costa Rican office Christmas party
  • Saw the fireworks for New Year’s Eve

So that brings us into 2009. I wonder what this year will bring us?

4 thoughts on “2008, A Year in Review”

  1. Whatever it brings you Geoff, I hope it’s a blessed one and that your little one brings you laughter and tears – at the same time 🙂
    Cheers and a Merry New Year!

  2. i follow your rants for different motives; interested in your criterium mostly. looking for knowledge where it may lay. having made important decisions, seeing my son born, travel and learn from mistakes and others this past year; I guess i know a bit about what you’re going thru.
    i only know you from the web and reputation. all i want to say is congratulations; i salute you and the success you’re after. whatever may come this 2009 i’ll be watching in amazement.

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