RIP, Sean Lineham

Today, I arrived back in Costa Rica with my family in tow. Little did I know that my “other” family — my friends and colleagues back in Calgary, were facing quite the tragedy. I found out no sooner than I turned on my computer to send a quick note to my partners here in Costa Rica (remember, I have no phone with which to call them), and I got an IM request from Dave. All he said was: “Call me. Urgent.”

It would appear that my friend, colleague, and fellow watch geek (though I could never ascribe to the level he attained) Sean Lineham passed away last night.

Needless to say, I was shocked. It’s never easy to hear that a friend has died. It’s even harder when there seemed to be no warning. No chance to say anything, no opportunity to change the outcome.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be for my old team back up in Calgary. Sean was a core part of the Rolex team, and was the heart of knowing all there was to know about watches. And since his switch to I&P, he was the guy we bugged to figure out our next directions with technology. His enthusiasm and joy about the things we did were tangible at every moment. It is a terribly sad loss to lose that kind of energy.

Farewell, Sean. May you find peace, and with luck our paths may cross again in this strange little universe.

Here’s to you Sean!