T minus 5 days

I’m beginning to know what a shuttle launch must feel like. Anxiety about what could go wrong, the knowledge that once the launch happens that there is little to do but hang on, that when you’re in orbit you’re pretty much at the mercy of your own fate.

The key difference is that my feet will (for the most part) be on solid ground. (Well, except when I’m flying.) But otherwise I’m feeling pretty wound up about what’s going to happen shortly.

There’s no training to move to another country. You have to actually move. That’s your training. Once you’ve done it, you’re set. (Well, in theory, anyway.) Getting there is more than half the battle. This morning, I covered off the last of the paperwork for the cat. The financial stuff is mostly done, and we’re closing out some accounts in accordance with Canadian tax regulations. All fun.

We’ve almost got a property management company lined up. Hopefully tomorrow. One TV sold, the Mini might be sold (I’ll know more tomorrow), and the Jetta might not be far off. Not terribly surprised that the 50″ TV hasn’t sold. I might just have to cast that one off in the future. We’ll see.

Still, I’m not looking forward to leaving on Sunday. Not because I don’t like Costa Rica. Because I’m going to be away from Mi Niña Pequeña for a month. A month! I have a hard enough time when I don’t see her for a whole day. When I’m apart from her for a week it hurts like hell. A month! I don’t want to imagine that. Video Skype will help, but not even being able to hold her will drive me crazy.

A week from now, I’ll be in our condo in Costa Rica. Whether I’ll have internet or not is unknown at that time. We will see…

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