Getting my Birth Certificate shouldn't be this hard

One part of moving to any other country is the act of applying for a work visa. It’s pretty much a requirement where treaties (e.g. the European Union) aren’t there to ease the situation. A necessary evil, if you will. Because in most cases, the process is not really well documented and you’re going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what you need.

And believe me, we are far from actually getting this one sorted out. Jason’s been a massive force in getting us some iota closer to having it done, but the reality is that we’re going to be flying by the seats of our pants until documentation is actually done.

One thing we need for an application is a birth certificate. But not the one you put in your wallet. You need the big one. Where you were born, your birth weight and time, who your parents are and where they were born, the name of the hospital and the doctor who delivered you. Might as well ask for my life history, while you’re at it.

I don’t have this form. Nor does my mother. No problem, though, in this day-and-age, you need only sign onto a website and order one. Right?

Service Ontario has a pretty slick system, I’ll give them that. But here’s my #1 major fault with it. I already have a birth certificate. I’m on record. I have a card in my wallet with a number on it that (I presume) uniquely identifies me.

But it doesn’t mean sqwat. I have to fill out the form as if I’m a new birth. I have no idea how much I weighed when I was born. No idea who the doctor was (Mom remembered, though — proves you aren’t going senile!). I even had to provide a guarantor. What the heck??

Ordered, though. Should get it in about five days. Then we have to get eight passport pictures, marriage certificate, and a few other things to get our visas sorted out. Yeesh. I foresee a lot of flying in my future.

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