Finding a Costa Rican Casa, Day 1


It’s been a really long day. Didn’t sleep great last night (long travels tend to do that to me if I’m not traversing a dozen or so timezones, in which case passing out is a snap). Got up early thanks to the engine retarders on passing trucks (there is no bylaw against them here, and truckers seem to use them to slow down, say “hello”, accelerate, turn right or left, order coffee, etc.) and a bit of excitement.

View from the Quality Hotel Real San Jose, Lindora, San José, Costa Rica, 26 May 2008

Did a couple of Spanish lessons on Rosetta Stone before and after breakfast, when we met with our Crown Relocations team. One for each of Mark and Jason, but I scored a mother/daughter team (Luz Elena and Lina Maria) to help me find a house for my family.

The goal isn’t just to find a place to live. It was also to show us around so we know where things are. As it turns out, I was fully able to get my bearings, to the point where I could successfully navigate through a number of places without too much difficulty. I think. It helps to have an idea of where you are. I could even plot them in Google Earth, which I’m using to communicate locations with Alex.

‘Bout near died and went to heaven with the first place — a 450 sq. metre (4,800+ sq. ft) pad that happened to be right next door to the brother of Costa Rica’s President. Wild. It was getting some touch-ups, but was generally gorgeous.

Second place was nice, too. The communal pool might as well been from a tropical resort. Oh, wait. We are in a tropical resort. I keep forgetting that. You’d think all these palm trees would clue me in.

Broke for lunch in Escazu. I find it no end of ironic that I had to go to Costa Rica to find an excellent Italian pannini. There’s just something wrong with that.

Third place was a bit of a hole, sadly. Not at all what I wanted, and was pretty sure Alex wouldn’t want it either.

Fourth place was better, but it felt like I was in Tuscany. The bad part about being in Tuscany — too many people you don’t know/never see, and nothing else around you. I’m at work all day, so we have to make sure this works for Alex.

At dinner Jason, Mark, and I all talked about our experiences of the day. It seems the realtors for Mark and Jason are more experienced. Could also be that my requirements are just that much more difficult to find. Jason’s almost pinned down a place. After talking with Alex, we’re not even close.

Ate way too much for dinner. Absolutely great food (Azteca soup and a “platter of meat”, which was pork, black beans, guacamole, and tortillas). Beer went down way too easily (I’m going to like Imperial).

Maybe with luck, we’ll find a place tomorrow.