The beginning of the end?

Allard pulled me aside this afternoon. Big changes are coming. It’s not the first time we’ve seen big changes at Critical Mass. We’ve seen them before, as they’ve needed to take place. They’ve usually been for the better (overall), but were usually viewed with extreme suspicion and fear.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Also known as FUD.

And right now, that’s pretty much all I have going through my head.

Why? Critical Mass has — for years — set its own tune and tried its best not to operate like other companies. Most of our competitors have offices that effectively operate as separate companies. One office has no idea what the other offices are doing. We’ve done our best to create one company with a few offices. The model has — at least in my view — worked well. But perhaps my view is limited?

Allard’s had the same view, too. And perhaps it’s because of that he’s been forced out.

I’m not taking this lightly. Allard told me in supreme confidence, which is why this post won’t go public for a long time. (Likely long after I’ve left Critical Mass.) Allard is much more open-minded about this than I am. In my view, the Executive have screwed over one of Critical Mass’s most dedicated builders in favour of … well, I’m not sure in favour of what.

Cory’s taking over. Something I find almost ironic. Cory told me shortly after he came back that this wasn’t what he wanted to have happen. He didn’t want to be the Big Cheese again. The Executive like Cory, they trust him. And given the current availability of potential candidates, he’s the logical choice.

But it begs a question: If I wasn’t going to Costa Rica, would I have been offered the position? I outrank Cory in seniority. He has historical experience, and a decidedly better relationship with the Executive. I strongly suspect I’m in the Executive’s bad books. I don’t always play nice, and I’ve gotten in their faces about things I thought were wrong. I’ve almost been fired for it (and rightly so, really).

I already know the answer. If I hadn’t been offered, it would have been clear: No trust in me. That’s writing on the wall, and time to move on. As it stands, the issue is somewhat moot, since I’m moving to Costa Rica in a little over a month.

I wonder where I stand, though. Tomorrow, after the announcement, I’m going to find out. Who knows — maybe this time tomorrow I’ll be officially unemployed. Or at least being shown the door.