Web 2.0 Expo - Wednesday morning keynotes

Unlike other conferences I’ve been to, they seem to have a lot of keynotes. Strikes me as a little odd. The only real person who do a “true” keynote would be O’Reilly, since he coined this term in the first place. He did that yesterday, and didn’t really say anything different (at least from what I’ve read).

[I hope I got all these names right. They didn’t all display them when they hit the stage.]

Running a video which looks like it was taken over the last couple of days. Kinda hokey.

Brad Forrest (O’Reilly), Jennifer Pahlka (TechWeb) hosting/emceeing

Battelle/Andreessen Interview

Jonathan Zittrain

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla

Ari Balogh, Yahoo CTO

Ofer Shaked, Current.tv

Steve Pirwin(?), MySpace