At the Web 2.0 Expo

Despite the sobering realisation that I’d forgot to actually register for this conference before coming (this is what happens when you try to do do much before going on a 2.5 week vacation, only to return for one day before leaving again), I’m now settled on the 2nd floor of the Moscone West Conference Center, waiting for the starting bell on the workshop sessions.

Thanks to the team back at Critical Mass, I don’t really have to agonise over the schedule to determine what I’m going to see. Although I have to make a couple executive decisions, my direction is mostly due to democratic selection. Namely, I asked them what I should go to and report back.

Today, I’m attending Cross-Cultural User-Experience Design in the morning, and Building Next Generation Web 2.0 Applications. The executive decisions suggested that maybe Web 2.0 Best Practises might be too basic — the description actually uses the word “basic”; and while Mobile 2.0 is pretty cool, my opinion is that we’ve not even come close to mastering Mobile 1.0 — jumping ahead might be a bit premature, especially in North America.

Haven’t run into Andre yet, though he says he’s going to be here. Given, it’s only 8:17, so there’s plenty of time. (And that’s assuming he’s here today.)

More news as it comes in. Stay tuned.