Web 2.0 Expo - Building Next Generation Web 2.0 Applications

In the afternoon session today, I’m going to learn what it’ll take to build the next generation of apps. I’m curious to see what they’ve got to say.

Presenter: Dion Hinchcliffe

I fear that this might be more beginner than I thought. This seems to be covering a lot of existing Web 2.0. I hope it’s just to set common background.

Yep. Basic information, mostly. I gather a lot of people here are fairly new to all this. Not as bad as the introductory SES stuff we had, but still…

Okay, minor rant: Woman just in front of me asked if I “had to do all that typing”. For crying out loud, lady, this is a Web 2.0 technology conference, not a press conference for Fergie. SUCK IT UP!! I can’t help it if I learned to type on a classic clunky IBM keyboard and have had hard keystrokes ever since.

Lots of discussion on mashups. A lot of “we know that already” info here. One interesting piece: Facebook and Amazon have an interesting partnership that allows someone to create a Facebook app, host it through Amazon, and rollout a grid-served application with no infrastructure for little cost.

Long section on AJAX. Sorry, I mean Ajax. Nothing we haven’t done at least a dozen times here.

A note on RIA and metrics: Using asynchronous apps kill the pageviews metric. (Yahoo! got burned for this a while back.) Need to make sure that we account for this by tagging sub-apps and/or data.