I have a steak hangover

Last night I had the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time — eat at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

We got one in Calgary a few months ago. It’s built into the base of the Calgary Tower, on the second floor. It’s a really nice decor (although Martin did note that it made him feel like he was dining at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe), and outstanding service (something that seems to be lacking in many places these days).

The key thing, of course, is the meat. While I was mildly offended by the prominent “USDA” emblazoned on the front of the menu (we are in Alberta, after all), I have to say that when all was said and done, there is something to be said for the meat Ruth’s Chris chooses. It’s corn-fed, rather than grain-fed (there is an Alberta strip loin, which is grain-fed), and has a noticeably sweeter flavour and much more tender texture.

I had a 16 oz ribeye. It was heavenly. It’s cooked at 1800 degrees to your specifications (and they understand the difference between rare, medium-rare, and the gap in between), served on a 500 degree dish to keep it hot.


I mean, WOW.

This morning, I have a steak hangover. I get these from time to time, usually after a really good steak. I think my body reacts somewhat negatively to beef-based ecstasy. I think it’s because I don’t eat enough beef, so when I do get a really good steak it throws my body into shock. I feel slightly queasy, I’ve got a headache, and there’s an odd taste in my mouth.

I can’t wait to go back. Yummy.

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