80th Oscars

Well, the annual Oscars show has come and gone again. And I almost missed it this time! It was by mere fluke that I happened to come across the E-Talk Red Carpet pre-show tonight. If I hadn’t caught it during a brief pause in my harried running around, I might have missed the show.

Not that I really would have missed much, admittedly. I have to admit, it was one of the more boring years.

Jon Stewart is a good host, but I really do miss the years like with Billy Crystal. Corny as it sounds, a good musical opening number that pokes fun at the biz was always interesting to watch.

There were a few surprises, but all-in-all no shockers. I feel kind of bad for George Clooney, though. I’m sure he did a great job in Michael Clayton (haven’t seen it yet), but you have to wonder if he swore a blue streak when he saw Daniel Day-Lewis’ name show up on the nomination. I mean, that’s just gotta suck.

I miss the old days, where people weren’t confined to two minutes of talking time, where the presenters would do political postulation, where the outfits were outrageous (coughChercough), and the show was almost more about spectacle than self-congratulations.

But hey, this might be my last watched Oscars for a while. Life has a way of getting in the way of traditions, and probably the only reason I watched this year was because Alex and the Wee One were out of town. Next year will definitely be different.

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